Learn. Profit. Prosper.

The Profit Society provides highly effective tools and mentoring to help students master the Foreign Exchange Market. We are passionate about helping people succeed and master the art of trading. We pride ourselves in creating profitable, consistent, and independent traders.

Who we are.

The Profit Society is led by an exceptional and knowledgeable management team, passionate about their students and their ongoing success. They have come together as a team to bring light to the Forex industry in a way that has not yet been done; to truly take the time and energy needed to make sure that every student succeeds and is not left behind.


CEO, Lead Educator


Queen of Profits


Price Action and Scalping Specialist


Jared Reynolds is the CEO of The Profit Society. He is a price action and technical analysis expert. His vision was to build a Forex education company that cares about its students. He wanted people to have the chance to be apart of an elite society of profitable traders and to teach a skill that can change lives.


De’Ja Easter is the Queen of The Profit Society. She is passionate about teaching and getting more women involved in the trading world. She is the leader of The Profit Queens, a subset of The Profit Society, dedicated to our female traders.


Jud Wilson Is a price action expert, specializing in scalping and swing trading. The use of price action, candlestick analysis, and Fibonacci allows him to excel in his craft. Jud is also best at trading commodities such as gold.

What to expect.

1 Through the Education Academy: Jared, De’Ja, and Jud will work directly with students through live webinars giving them a hands on personal learning experience, with the most thorough education in the Forex industry. The education process is specifically designed to meet the needs of every learning style with the use of homework, quizzes, and live webinars. We will ensure that each student receives the knowledge required to become a consistent, independent, and profitable trader.

2 Student Experience: Each individual that joins The Profit Society, will receive a unique, personalized experience to grow and improve in his or her trading journeys. Mindset, risk management, price action strategies, technical analysis, charting fundamentals, candlestick analysis, and advanced trading strategies are all major parts of our A to Z Forex Education. We are confident that this course will allow every student to become a consistent, independent, and profitable trader. On top of the university style education that each member will receive, there will also be Live Trading Webinars throughout the week where members can trade with the mentors live, for a hands on experience.

3 How you learn: Each student will have multiple avenues to learn the content provided by The Profit Society. There are many great tools to ensure the students can capitalize on their learning such as; group webinars, lectures, homework, one on ones, group chats, unlimited access to admin for questioning, and a variety of other videos. we have designed this course to encompass all learning styles with a "learn at your own speed" feel.